How to adjust size of formula box

I am entering a formula in libreoffice writer. a math formula. As if it is not hard already, i cannot also adjust the size of the formula box while entering things in there. I try to do usual thing such as clicking and dragging edges of box but it doesnt work. How can I do this?
(Now that same guy will reply again, and ask for my operating system and libre office version, as if my question is not clear enough)

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The “same guy” effectively asks again and more: save format.

If we’re talking about formulas created with Math, they are inserted in your text as frames with frame style Formula.

Consequently, you must adjust properties of style Formula to give more “air” to it. Since anchor mode is As character, dragging edges has no effect (because you can’t do that on a usual character).

There you go. See how he knows himself well…
I hope someone answers who doesnt pretend not to understand that I inserted the formula by the most straightforward Insert > OLE Object > Formula object, and writes clearly, not complicated on purpose.

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Have you tried customising frame style Formula? Usually all is needed is to adjust Spacing distances in Wrap tab?

This frame style is automatically applied by Writer whenever your insert a Math formula. But, perhaps, you don’t know what a frame style is.

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You should look at
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If you wish to download the Math Guide from Documentation - The Document Foundation Wiki then Chapter 2, Object spacing will give a fuller explanation

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I’m using version and when I enter a formula in the same way (Insert/OLE Object/Formula Object) it creates the OLE Object box in the document but it also opens a window at the bottom of the screen for entering the formula into. It then automatically adjusts the OLE Object box in the document to the size of the contents.

Are you trying to adjust the size of the OLE Object box in the document instead of using the formula window at the bottom of the screen?