How to "Allow hanging quotation marks" for Latin typography?

Hello fellow users of LO,

On a LO7.1.4.2 I would like to have hanging quotation marks around my quotations. Not all punctuations, but just the quotation marks. Is there a way, or should I request this feature?

It is well described by Milbert Mariano in his guide for Adobe How to Create Hanging Punctuation in Adobe InDesign Here a shot form that clip, the first is default, but I would like to have the second lay out for my quotations; when necessary on the end of the line too:


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AFAIK, hanging punctuation is punctuation which may drop outside of the defined text area, into the margin space. This allows full size characters towards margin lines, which gives a more pleasing layout image. It is useful for the small punctuation characters like comma, period and quotation marks, and sometimes the hyphen. Not useful for question/exclamation mark, and rarely for colon/semicolon.


What you want is a negative First Line Indent. You could realize this in a frame or in regular text. It can be done in a textbox (graphic text) as well. (I had doubts about that, first!)

Frame: -0,30 cm; Textbox: -0,20 cm

Info: Indenting Paragraphs

The inconvenience with negative first line indent is fixed distance independent from the effective punctuation. This would call for dreaded direct formatting on every paragraph to “tune” layout.

I suggest to improve @Grantler’s answer.

Set First line indent to the largest used character width plus a small amount (which will become spacing). When you type text which will receive this paragraph style, type in fact punctuation (or the character to emphasize) and Tab.

With negative first line indent, the standard Before text indent implicitly defines a tab stop. Thus, the Tab after the punctuation will align the next character on left paragraph indent.

Thus you suggest to not style a quote as Quotations on a page, but in a text box/frame? That is a work around, isnt it?

I mean, the example I gave you uses a text box/frame, but I used that example just for the looks of the hanging quotation marks, not for its boxes.

But thanks anyway, because “a negative First Line Indent” was indeed that I was looking for. (So many words and synonyms to think about). Now I have the Quotation style set with “a negative First Line Indent” of -0,15cm. Which is what I was looking for, at least for the first paragraph.

Is there a way to just change the settings for each first paragraph? I know this is kinda off topic, thus happy to create a new topic for this second question. So, was I indeed looking for “a negative First Line Indent”?

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Alternatively, have you tried drop caps? It works on any paragraph. Here is an example:

I have customised Drop Caps in Text Body paragraph style where the first character extends aver 3 lines.

You can select the number of characters and lines or choose the first word. Note that the effect is ugly if the paragraph is only one line.

Don’t be disturbed by the gray background (though it can also be intentionally set for printing): I have enabled View>Field Shadings to highlight the non directly editable “fields” in the document.

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I think drop caps works great with letters in normal documents. But that works less to not with punctuations in academic papers (hence the MA). Thus I am looking for an alternative solution. Thanks anyways.

I agree, rather queer with punctuation.