how to allow more characters per line in the math command prompt ?

Here is my problem : I’m trying to type a document with quite long formulas, but the command prompt only allow around an hundred character per line. Even though this limitations doesn’t appear on the document, it makes the writing an bigger hasle that it needs to be. Thank you for your time.

Ps: Please excuse my grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue :slight_smile:.

Edit: I have been unclear, my bad. I mean to say the number of character per line ON the command prompt (the window on the bottom of the screen) which unnecessarily adds line breaks. capture of what i mean. Sorry for the inconviennence, thank you for your time !

IMHO, I think you put too many elements in your formula frame. It should contain only one formula which you insert As character. All text, like ‘Let’, ‘a polynome’, titles (base case, inductive step, …), should be typed as usual in a standard paragraph. This way, the prompt area is large enough to hold a formula, even a complex one.

Absolutely agree. OP tries to use Math as general-purpose text editor, which it is not.

I’m writing a document in LibreOffice writer, but sometime, i do need to write math proofs. Those are long and therefore need to be structured and indented in such way that i find it a lot faster to simply use “alignl”, “~~~stack {statement1#statement2#statement3}” and write it in a single object>formula block. But if it absolutely not the way it was suppose to be used, I know I can only blame myself. thank you for your time, and sorry to have been a bother.

I have the same needs. I solve it by designing carefully my paragraph style(s), aligning objects on tabs. My formulas are “frames-as-character” and I consider them just as a character, but a rather wide and high character.

Using Writer to format and layout text is more versatile than Math, with the advantage that text flow is preserved. What happens if your big frame containing text and formulas begins low in the page and needs more space than is left? With smaller units, no problem.

I cannot confirm you observation. I can input surely more than 700 characters (tested!) pro line in the command window. Remember, that the line break is only in the window and not in the formula. The preview window shows it all in one line and generates a scroll bar if needed.

You can even press enter in the command window without generating a line break in the formula. I use this to make formulas with matrices better readable in edit mode.
For getting a new line in the formula you need a newline command.

Do get a better understanding of your problem it would be good, if you edit your question and put the commands of such “quite long formula” into your question.

I suppose that OP supposes that the wrapping of the line makes experience worse (and would prefer a horizontal scrollbar and lines extending far beyond the right window border). :slight_smile:

I’m terribly sorry for being unclear, i have updated my question to better explain my problem. Thank you for your help any way :).

Hmm yes, it has a limit of 88 characters per line…

can’t that 88 characters limit may be changed if one desires ?

Well, yes. It only requires to change the source code :slight_smile:

well I’ve been damned then :/. Thank you you’ve speared me the search time.