How to append new data to existing data in a Calc spreadsheet

(New Calc user here) I have an existing Calc spreadsheet (3 columns, many rows) and need to append new data (3 columns, many rows) to the existing data (it is contiguous in date/time). The new data is in csv fomat, identical to the format of the original data. How do I append the new data beginning at row N+1 of the existing spreadsheet?
All of my attempts so far have placed the new data in cell (1,1) of the existing spreadsheet.

I can only suggest a few ways all requiring more than one step:

Create a new sheet ‘From file’. In the opening “Text import” dialogue set the options thoroughly as needed.
Copy the data you want to import from the new sheet.
Paste (Special… ?) them into the target sheet.
Delete the intermediary sheet again.

In the place where the data to import should start enter a formula like
for array-evaluation (with Ctrl+Shift+Enter).
Copy the complete output range and Paste Special... it to the same range (without the formula, of course)
==For csv tables referenced as if spredsheets the virtual sheet name is the file name again.==

Open the csv with Calc, copy the data, Paste Special...

Better way you found? (Please report!)

Thanks very much, Lupp. I used your method “C”, as it seemed simplest, and it worked fine (of course). I have printed your answer for future reference in case I need another method. Thanks. I have used QuattroPro comfortably for several decades and am now struggling to learn how to “do it all” with Calc instead. :slight_smile: