How to apply a text formatted formula with new data

Sorry, guys, I think this is a trivial question, but I couldn’t find this answer in my researchs.

This question is a follow up of this one (just in case someone needs more details): CALC: How to lookup a formula instead of a value

I have two spreadsheets: one with rules and respective formulas; and the other with my choices of rules (a rule could not be chosen, or even be chosen more than once). The second spreadsheet has each rule attached to its respective formula retrieved by:


So, I have in the second spreadsheet a “text formatted” formula.

Let’s say that I have these:

Sheet1.A1: ID1
Sheet1.B1: 34
Sheet1.C1: "XX"
Sheet1.D1: Sheet1.$B1*C1

Sheet2.A1: ID1
Sheet2.C1: 10
Sheet2.D1: '= Sheet1.$B1*C1 (result of the formula above)

How do I apply the formula in Sheet2.D1 to Sheet2.E1, for example, to get the resulting 340?

Sorry, I haven’t found any type of evaluation of textual formulas in Libre Calc.

I’m assuming there is no way to do this.

If I remember correctly I already pointed out to you (in my last comment on your self-answer to a previous question) the fact that there is no function to EVALUATE() text as a formula. Not even the API coming with LibreOffice to support user programming does contain specific means for this.
I would suggest you take this as an occasion to consider a redesign of your sheets.