How to apply colour styles only without changing cell format?

Hi, i have custom style “Sold” based on the default “Good” style. It should simply change cell and font colour, problem is, every time i reopen the document, the custom style now also applies cell format, how can i use custom style to apply colour\font size only ?

edit: activated screenshot - AK


not at all - if you use a custom style you need to adapt all settings, which you want to be different from its parent style (and e.g style Good has no decimal digits → Sold has no decimal digits). Hence, if you have a Sold style, you need to have additional derived styles (derived from Sold style) for:

  • SoldDate for your Dates
  • SoldDecimalD0 for your decimal numbers requiring 0 digitals
  • SoldDecimalD1 for your decimal numbers requiring 1 digitals
  • SoldText1 for special text formats

Note Of course the naming of the styles is up to your preferences.

(The cost for design is complexity in styles).