How to apply conditional formatting to a column

I have a column that I want to have different background colors based on content or lack thereof. I can set it up, except that I don’t see how to use the ISBLANK() formula in this context because I want each cell to look at itself to see whether it is empty. The only related answer I see uses a specific cell in the test–e.g., ISBLANK(F1)–but how do I get the cells in the column to look at themselves instead of some specified cell? I tried using ISBLANK() as the formula, but that didn’t work for me. Specifically, I want the cells to be red if they’re empty, and other colors based on content.

Try use as different condition : value is - equal - “” in dialogue Conditional formatting for your range. And select cell style with red background for it.

Thanks–that works. I’m coming out of an Excel background, and testing an empty string doesn’t always work there so I didn’t think about it.