How to assign animation to multiple objects with delay in Impress


I am trying to assign appear/disappear animation for ~100 objects in one slide. Each object need to delay, appear, delay and disappear. I can assign animation to all of them at once but they have no delay. So I need to click each one of them one-by-one to assign delay. Which is stupid! I can’t copy paste animations or copy objects with their animations.

How can I automate this to not have to click each one-by-one?


An ugly work around is to manually hack the .odp file.

This could be done like this:

  1. Open the file with some kind of archive management program.
  2. Extract contents.xml.
  3. Open in in a file editor. It better be one which can format XML files, since all text in the file is on the same line.
  4. Find the relevant anim:par element.
  5. Set smil:begin="1s" on the relevant elements.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Put the file back into the .odp file.