How to autocorrect text while typing without needing to trigger it with a space?

I created a font for a conlang that has glyphs that don’t map to the standard latin alphabet or keyboard layout. I was able to create an {art-x-slavonic} language with the help I received from this question I asked earlier.

Further, I was able to use the auto-correct options to define some rules that replace certain combinations of characters with characters elsewhere in the unicode range. This has all worked great, except that the autocorrect rules don’t appear to trigger unless I type a space or press enter after typing the combination of characters.

This is a problem, because when writing text in the conlang, I can’t type these characters without typing the combination, then typing a space, then hitting backspace and continuing to type. It’s a really awkward way to type in the conlang.

Is there a way to make it so that these auto-correct replace rules trigger immediately upon input of the character combinations? No cases exist where not immediately replacing the character combinations conflicts with the interests of the writer for the way the rules are set up.

Thank you for your time.

You could use AutoText but that requires F3 to trigger the replacement

See respective help page for .* pattern explanation.

You are not by chance talking about Interslavic that already has two definitions for Latin and Cyrillic script, art-Latn-x-interslv and art-Cyrl-x-interslv since LibreOffice 7.3? See LibreOffice 7.3 Community: Release Notes - The Document Foundation Wiki and tdf#145853.

Ah. Sadly, I am not. It’s technically not a script that was designed for a specific, already existing constructed language. Rather, the script was designed first, and I am in the process of adapting it to a conlang of my own design. Sorry about that. ^^;

In the autocorrect table, surround the character combination in the Replace field with two colons.

Example: to get (no precomposed character in the Unicode) from g~, enter :g~: in Replace and in With. When you need to type in something like ag̃o, type a:g~:o.

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