How to autofill the date in a database table

I’ve created a small Database and would like each record date stamped automatically when it’s created. I just can’t figure it out. I was even looking for a way to write the function CURRENT_DATE or some variation as an autofill field but can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks for any help

Please take a look to this links:
default date field to current timestamp
LibreOffice database timestamp

Mariosv’s answer is correct as his youtube video demonstrate very well. I specially liked it because the video was in Spanish and I am learning Spanish and I was supersized that I could understand the video without any problem.
The only thing I need to add is that if the column , Ie. the field, is already created, you can use following line instead of the line he is using in the video.
Here is my attempt to say this in Spanish:
Si ya se ha creado el field, puede utilizar la línea siguiente:

 alter table "Table1" alter  COLUMN "Date" TIMESTAMP default now