How to Automate Impress Slide Show

I want to have automatic movement to next slide after 10 seconds. This does not appear to work. Also, I want all bullet points displayed on a slide but without animations on them (i.e. no requirement to mouse click in order to display next bullet point) when I’m using Slide Show (i.e. setting appropriate Slide Show parameters). I don’t want to do this by removing all the animations as I might in future want to control the Slide Show manually (i.e. using mouse click to bring up each bullet point).

You can force manually changing the slide in the Slide Show Settings but I don’t believe you can do that for animations.

You may want to save two different files for that.

For the slide transition go on the Slide Sorter View, and apply a slide transition from the right pane. Select an effect if you want and then under Advance Slide go for Automatically after: and set the time. Finally click on Apply Transition to All Slides and press F5 you should see it happening.

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Unfortunately, the above does not work on version On Slide Show → Settings: Range is set to All Slides, Auto is set to 10 seconds and all checkboxes (including those for Manual slide change & Animations Allowed) are clear. There is no Auto change of slides happening or display of bullet points (i.e. all of them) which have animations.

Don’t use the one is Slide Settings but follow my post, apply transition timing to all the slides.

Salamu alaikum,
I think that it is working on LibreOffice 5.2.3 and here is an animated video that i made by myself which uses:

Go to Slide>transition. Tell it to transition the slide automatically after “x” seconds (how long you want each slide to be visible before transitioning to the next). Then click “apply to all slides.” That did it for me.