How to automatically horizontally center document on launch

I have a small screen so space is important. I set my writer documents to 90% and my window size so that a 90% document just fits with no margins on either side. When I start writer by clicking on a document (in thunar) the window and the document are launched the correct size. However, the document is not centered. It is off to the right. I have to manually center the document every time. I know that using the view>zoom setting I can center the document, but this is useless, because it shrinks the document so that the margins are showing. I have no use for looking at margins. They are all blank. I just want to see the printed text (and any images). Is there any way to have the document automatically centered. If not I would certainly like a feature to center the document automatically using the window size I have set and the document size (in my case 90%) that I have set.

Use the ‘View - Zoom - Optimal View’ menu item. Put the icon onto the toolbar if you want to make it as an “One click feature”
(Customize a Toolbar or a Hotkey for the prompt zooming.)

Thank you. This worked.

In order for the document to remember the zoom level set, you should enter your name in the menu Tools>Options>LibreOffice>User Data.

If your document is always displayed laterally offset, you may have set “View: Book” in the status bar at the bottom.

There, click on “View: Single page”.

While exploring the answers given above, I accidentally set Main menu>view>web view. That seems to set the perfect view for me. I don’t really know anything about “web view”, but for now, it seems to work perfectly for what I want.