How to automatically insert date of last change in writer

The field with automatic update of date is very useful. However, all I can find is an automatic date of when the document was last opened.
Is there a way to tell Libreoffice (writer) to insert the date of the last change of the document?

That is, opening an old document does not set today’s date, but keeps the original date until the document is changed.
And when the document is changed, the date is automatically changed to today.

You already found out about Insert>Field>Other.

In the dialog that pops up, go to Document Property tab (maybe Document Info (I’m not in the English UI at present) and select Changed (or equivalent) and User/Time/Date.

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Thank you for the answer. I inserted such a date in a document yesterday. And today I checked to see what happened with it. It seems to be exactly what I want.

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