How to avoid convert-to to stop after 249 files?

I and doing simple command:
soffice --convert-to “txt:Text (encoded):UTF8” --outdir …/txt *.doc
on a CentOS 7.3 Linux from CLI, in directory with 815 .doc files.

Command stops after 249 files are converted.

Is it a bug, LibreOffice limit, OS limit or LibreOffice bug?

Is there a way to issue soffice with command to convert other files, or do I have to partition file list for less then 250 files?

Or, can I feed soffice from bash “find” command directly with groups of 249- files?

OK, after some complicated searching the venue, it turns out that it was a CLI/shell issue, solved by using xargs: Error converting thousands of documents with LibreOffice - #3 by w_whalley