How to avoid getting 0 when referencing an empty cell in a formula?

I have only text in my calc document (to be exported to CSV).

When I click in a cell in a sheet and reference another cell from a different sheet, I get a 0 if that cell is empty and I don’t want that.

However, in no toolbar or menu can I find a way to format the cell as text. There’s currency, percentage, date, etc etc etc but that doesn’t help me.

How do I prevent empty cells from showing up as 0 when I reference them in a formula?

Villeroy is right about the T() of course, if you are in fact okay with only text.
If at some point you do need to do some chain calculations that might have a 0 value in the chain, though, and you cannot convert your “real” zeros to text, you can also format the cells with Format Code #;#;"". That will maintain the “real” numeric zero but suppress showing it. I checked, and a cell formatted that way will export as empty using the CSV export filter.

Use #.########;#.########;"" (or similar) if you have decimal fractions.
Also, it is worth mentioning that in the same dialog, Format>Cells>Numbers, the Category Box has Text at the bottom. You might have to scroll to see it. So there is a Text formatting option. However, it will not stop the problem of the 0.


=T(A1) returns the text in A1 or an empty string if A1 is emtpy or number.




You can use the number format code


to supress 0 values. Note that after save and reload it becomes the semantically equivalent


the former is just easier to input.