How to back up? Delete does not work

Using the old version i was able to press delete while editing a word document and it would back up rows and move the whole document up as it went. How can I do this now? I want to remove empty spaces between paragraphs to reduce the number of pages. Even the word processor in this text box has this basic function!?

Hi. If you can’t seem to delete then you might have accidentally turned on Track Changes. Have a look at the answer in link, at the end of the answer there is a link on how to accept or delete changes. Accepting changes will implement your deletions, just check that you won’t be deleting stuff you want ot keep. I have hit the wrong keys it seems and my text is now coming out orange and underlined. What have I done and how do I undo it?

Another possibility is that the text is inside a table and you need to change the row height or delete a row/rows. To know if it is a table, right-click in the text; if the item at the bottom of the resulting menu is Table Properties then you are inside a table.

To edit a table it is sometimes easier to see if you turn on borders. If you want to do that click inside the table, press Ctrl+A, in the menu click Table | Properties Click on the Borders tab and click the 4th square in Presets, the one with all cells with borders.
Cheers, Al