How to Calculate for only the 6th Day?


If I work six days in a row (A1:A6) in any given week, I get 1.5 times my regular pay for that sixth day alone (again, it has to be six days in a row in each week to qualify for that extra pay).

How do I have Calc look to see if all six days have hours and then calculate the six day’s hours at 1.5 it’s normal rate of pay per hour?



Format the cell:

Do not use drag hours, it adds 1 more day per cell spent.

@Gilberto Schiavinatto: wrong Formula, the 6th day only should be multplied by 1.5


looks better :wink:

Thanks very much!
With what I got here, I went with this, which worked:

Thanks very much for the help.

Going with what I got here, I’ve come up with this, which worked: =IF(COUNTBLANK(F5:F10)>=1,0,(1.5*F10)).

Thanks much, all.