How to capitalize part of a sentence without affecting the rest?

For example in the Writer sentence:
Why do you need a pcb and how do you design one,
I want to capitalize the first letter of each word and then capitalize the word “pcb” to “PCB”.

I am able to capitalize the first letter of each word by selecting the entire sentence and pressing SHIFT+F3.
However,when I select the word “Pcb” and press SHIFT+F3 again. the entire sentence reverts to small letters.

How do i selectively capitallize a part of the sentence without affecting the rest of it?

Thanks and regards,
K. Ghosh

This looks like a bug to me. Of course the styles answers may help, but it is illogical that Shift-F3 affects the whole paragraph. If I select ‘pcb’ I would expect only ‘pcb’ to be affected but shift-F3, as is the case with Format-Text-UPPERCASE.

Shift+F3 is called direct formatting: it is a manual action (like Ctrl+B for bold) which is blindly applied to the target object. In this case, the object is the paragraph.

You need to learn to use styles, notably the two principal categories: paragraph styles which apply a basic default formatting to the paragraph and character styles which locally override the paragraph base style with other formatting.

In your description, you clearly need a paragraph style for your question/heading with camel case (title case). Then you select word “pcb” and apply to it a character style with upper case or small capitals.

Read the Writer Guide for details and experiment.

Meanwhile, you can do it with direct formatting (gut, caution, this is not a good habit) by selecting the word , Format>Character and selecting the desired attributes.

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Choose the character template (not paragraph template!) “Standard”. Right click on it and choose New .... Enter a name in the dialog box in the “Manage” tab, e.g. “Standard capitalize”. In the “Font Effects” tab under “Effects”, select the “Case:” option Capital letters. Click on OK.
In the text, select the word that should appear in capital letters and double-click on the new drawing template.


  • Define a new character style (e.g. name it Capitalized)
  • Set property Case: Capitals in tab Font Effects (see screenshot)
  • Select your text (in your example pcb)
  • Assign defined character style (e.g. using sidebar Styles / F11