How to center all images in writer?

I’m trying to publish a book on kindle direct publishing, but the images don’t show like they appear in Libreooffice document. They look centered when I edit the document in Libreoffice, but not on kindle. How can center all images at once?

LibO version?
I doubt you directly publish a ‘Writer’ document as an .odt file. You will have to do or to allow for some conversion.
If you want to get a useful answer you should tell about these things.
Your upload format? A sample (a link probably) of what you have on your system and of what is made of it when publishing. …
Help helpers to help.

Try to update title of this question to be more clearer what you’re trying to do. Reading the title one could expect somewhat different question. To center images in Writer, you use styles and apply them to images, but that’s not solving your problem with publishing that document on KDP.

When using KDP, odt file is transformed to some idiom of HTML. In conversion, not all informations are preserved nor available. Did you explicitly centered images in your odt? If you did (using styles), then probably conversion program is not reading that information (not LO’s fault).

If you haven’t explicitly tell LO to center images, do that (styles) and you might get lucky. Ether way, I don’t think it’s question for this site, we can help you with ODT files, not that that other. Try on some specialized forum where people have experience with preparing ODT files for KDP.

Try to open your book in LO Writer in HTML mode: From writer go File → New → HTML document and then File → Open → choose your file: how images are positioned there?

E-book file formats and ODT file formats are two very different things. Have that in mind and prepare your documents accordingly. KDP may accept ODT but they certainly don’t sell e-books in that file format.

Try Calibre to convert ODT to mobi and try to thinker with mobi file to set everything right. You can to be happy with results you’re getting right now or invest some more time and money to get things perfect. That’s just the way it is.

Here’s a YouTube video which is not so good as a KDP tutorial, but it answers some of your questions:

Hope I gave you some directions.

Thanks, man! Very useful answer. Sorry about the bad question; I’m just too tired of trying to make things work.

Question is not bad, just placed to the wrong forum. I’m very glad to help you. Accept this answer by clicking check mark in a top left corner of the answer. You can use writer2epub extension to convert odt to epub. Think that conversion epub → mobi (with Calibre) should go much smoother.