How to center text in a text box

I typed some text in a text box, in libreoffice Impress. and when I clicked the align center command in the toolbar, nothing happened. The text in the text-box was still left aligned.

I tried googling the issue, and the solution I found was to change the anchoring of the text, which I have to do using the properties dialog box.

Actually it worked, But then it was all centered, no left or right aligning possible. Ctrl+ R or Ctrl +L did not work at all.

Is it to say, to align text in a text box, do I have to go through the menus all over, which would waste much of time?

I am using libreoffice 4 on Linux mint. I believe that this might be a bug.


I am using libreoffice 4

That is extremely old. Consider upgrading!

On Ubuntu 18.04 with LO v6.2.0.3 there is no problem. Select the text in text box you want to align. Then Ctrl+L, Ctrl+R & Ctrl+E all work. Did nothing with anchoring.

Also, with cursor on a line all controls worked without selecting the text.

BTW your tags state Impress & your question states Writer.


Just did this in Impress:


Again no problem. Make certain cursor is in text.

@Ratslinger Thanks for your information, and mentioning the error. Yes It happened in Impress and I will edit that. Thanks for pointing it out.

And I updated Libreoffice into but still the error remains. Actually it shows that the content is aligned but actually it does not. Thanks again for support :slight_smile:

Just tried in Impress and had no problems there either. You may want to re-set your user profile. May be a problem there. See → LibreOffice user profile.

Just noticed your comment:

Actually it shows that the content is aligned but actually it does not.

What does that mean?

Sounds like the file you are using got corrupted. I would start from scratch and see if that resolves the issue. If not post the file here, We would need to see what is happening with it.