How to center the document when printing from Impress?

When I print anything from other programs with Adobe PDF printer,
the content is centered on the page by default.
In Impress however this does not happen for some reason, the document is being aligned to the top of print area instead.

My task is to print a 30x15 cm page onto A5 format.

I choose the “Fit to printable image option”, but the document ends up being aligned to the top of the print area, and I need it to be aligned in the center, both vertically and horizontally.

I did check all the printing options and found none that allow me to do so.
I also have the “Format->Align->Center vertically” option selected in the main Impress menu.
The document is still being aligned to the top when printing.

I know this is an old question, but I was running into a similar problem and didn’t see an answer on Google before I solved it myself. This question actually helped me come up with the solution:

I ended up printing the document correctly by simply going to “File->Export as PDF…” to export my ODP as a PDF and then printing the PDF like usual with my PDF viewer. I also used the program pdfcrop from the command line in order to remove whitespace from the borders of the image before printing, like this: pdfcrop --clip input.pdf output.pdf. I think it would have printed ok even without that step, though. I hope this helps someone.