How to change a cell language with a macro

I want to add a shortcut to quickly set a cell’s language, but when I record a macro to do this the actual language isn’t populated.

How can I find the available languages I can pass to .uno:Language

sub TurnJapanese
    rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    rem define variables
    dim document   as object
    dim dispatcher as object
    rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    rem get access to the document
    document   = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame
    dispatcher = createUnoService("")
    dim args1(0) as new
    args1(0).Name = "Language"
    args1(0).Value = ???
    rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:Language", "", 0, Array())

end sub

Please explain what language of the cell is in question:

  • the language used for the spell checker
  • the language used to format the cell
  • And why you can’t use cell styles.

The language codes are ISO-639-1. List of ISO 639-1 codes - Wikipedia

The country codes are ISO-3166-1. ISO 3166-1 - Wikipedia

The variants are specific:


Don’t use dispatcher for this directly unless you have a really good reason. LibreOffice is way easier than that. Here is a simple language getting/setting macro:

Sub CellLanguage()
	'Must have a cell object. This is not the same as a reference passed into a user function
	Dim Cell As Object
	'Must have a struct for this specific purpose
	Dim Locale As New
	'For example, top left cell of first sheet
	Cell = ThisComponent.GetSheets().getByIndex(0).getCellByPosition(0,0)
	MsgBox Cell.CharLocale.Language
	'Now set this. This is like Format Cells...>Font (tab)>Language
	'	Not Format Cells...>Number>Language
	Locale.Country = "US" 'ISO 3166 (must be "" or valid, or Language may not set)
	Locale.Language = "en" 'ISO 639
	Locale.Variant = ""
	Cell.CharLocale = Locale
End Sub
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It would be better to link to the LibreOffice API reference because it may have more recent details, specifically in this case with the additional BCP 47 language tag semantics.

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