How to change a list style's bullet char?

I’m creating some styles based on lists. I wanna change their bullet char, for exemplo ● - * etc.

The problem is that, if I select a paragraph with the style I wanna change and go to | Format > Bullets and Numbering | and change it, all styles have their bullet changed at once.

So, how can I change it in a style without changing them all?

I’ve tried editing styles.xml but all changes I did were ignored :frowning:

A continuous numbering/enumeration is considered as one entity, so you have to trick it by using two different levels, but with same indent or make them two separate numberings.

(But I don’t really see a reason why you would want the bullet-points change within the very same numbering and level)

They are different styles with different margin, etc. To make it more visible that they are different, I wanna change its char too. How to make them separate numberings then?

If they are “styles with different margins, etc” - I even less understand why you want to have change it on the same level. Just use a different nesting for the items that should get formatted differently and your life will be much easier.

There is no “commenting tool” visible so here’s the reason I need to have different bullets for different items in a list: I’m making a To Do list. When an item is done it needs a check mark next to it. You can have different bullets in all versions of Microsoft Word so why not in Libreoffice?

@user498689589 - if I understand your question right, the answer is already given by @cloph