How to change Background Image and Text Color (Impress) All Slides

Hi, I have been looking for a while for a way to replace an existing background on Impress throughout the entire slide presentation.

I remember being told of a few ways on here. Namely master slide (did not work) and the Format > (did not work from menu, in fact the option I remember being told would be there was never there for me).

So I think there is something I am doing wrong. I am running Libre Office from Win 10. In fact I had given up and installed Open Office thinking, “it’s the original they’ll be better implemented” or something only to learn apparently it is dead.

And when I look up how to change the text color across all slides (for input box text) the only result I get is something regarding running a macro, and all it says is text (i.e. words) not colors. I do not need to modify the text input, just the color displayed. Sometimes I use black text on light backgrounds, sometimes white text on black backgrounds.

I figured keeping modular would help instead of creating the entire thing each time. Since sometimes I need from XX day, and other times from YY and just mixing them together…oooh boy, it does not like being simple and easy to play with.

If any of you can tell me whether what I want to do is possible. If not. IDK. :confused:

It is troublesome to use this at times. I figured this was a simple function but cannot for the life of me figure it out. And it’s not like there are tutorials or answers demonstrating. And I think some of the answers found are dated.

Thank you for your help. Sorry if I sound ungrateful. It is a good program, when I only want to make a one-time use impress presentation. But I noticed once I wanted to re-use old portions for newer presentations I had to recreate it entirely and that seem slow, or at least go slide by slide modifying the background and text color. Which is just a chore. Surely there is a better way?

Thanks for helping speed up my productivity.

Partially found my answer for changing the background. Open Master View by selecting from the right hand panel. Then the left hand panel where the regular slides are shown will decrease in number to one slide. This is the master slide. Right click it and select rename. Once renamed you can modify things from the right hand panel. Selecting the background and modifying it will change it for the other panels automatically. If not done automatically select apply to all slides.

Encountered something funny when first trying it out where I first had to apply one of the template master slides before the modified master slide I wanted to use would apply. Cannot get text color to change with the master slide however. Weird.

This was what helped:

For some reason I did not find it when using the wiki through google results but stumbled across it earlier now.

I am trying to do the very same thing. Is there really no straightforward way to do this? It seems like a pretty basic feature (same as writing notes in normal view, BTW)