How to change cell format correctly?

For example:


They all are of number format (default), and now the result of C1 is “true”.

Then I set the format of A1 as text format, and I think the result of C1 should be “false” but it’s not.

How to change cell format correctly?

Calc Version:

You are confusing format and data type.

Formatting is primarily intended to adjust the way cell content is displayed. In a few cases it also governs how new input is interpreted.

In the special case of “text”, the format also governs data type for new input to the cell.

Formatting a cell will never change existing cell content, but only render it differently if the format dictates that.

To change a number 1 to a textual "1", edit the cell and insert a leading apostrophe. '1

Thank you, keme.
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