how to change default bullet size libre writer

Want square bullets in a list. The default is too large for font size. How do you change the bullet size and add to the default list?

You didn’t tell how you entered your bulleted list. I’ll assume you did it manually, using the button in the tool bar.

  1. Put the cursor somewhere in your list item, Format>Bullets & Numbering

  2. Go to Customize tab. Character style will say None. Choose Bullets from the drop-down menu and press OK.

Now, open the styles side-pane with F11 and click on the second toolbar icon from the left, the one with an a.

  1. Right-click on style Bullets and choose Modify

  2. Go to Font tab and set Size to your liking, press OK

Warning, this is an ugly trick called direct formatting and you may have to repeat it for all your lists. The correct way to type lists is through the use of styles. Customising them is a bit tedious because it involves many styles (at list one paragraph style and one list style, in fact a numbering style). This is disturbing for newbees, all the more since built-in List n and Numbering n are not configured for lists out of the box, though they are meant for it.

If you want to follow this track, read the built-in help and/or the user guide ans search this site for list explanation. There are many questions about it.

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