How to change default style in Writer text boxes?

In writer [4.8.2 on Linux], how can I change the default formatting of the text boxes (the ones obtained clicking the “AI” button on the toolbar - see screenshot), e.g. from Liberation Serif 12 black to Liberation Sans 10.5 red ?

I tried changing the default style, but that would change only the formatting of paragraphs outside the box, not the formatting of text in the boxes.


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Incidentally – if you hack the ODT’s content.xml file and put a paragraph style onto the paragraph nodes inside the text box, LibreOffice will display and handle them correctly!

It’s only that the LibreOffice GUI does not allow you to access this option.


If what you want is to change the default style for not having to redefine the font for the next text box, I think it is not possible, sorry… The simplest may be to copy a text box already defined and just change the text.


Refer the question here.

Hi Antonello

Use the Format menu to change text properties:-

  1. Select the text that you wish to change
  2. (menu):FormatCharacter...Font Effects (tab)→Font color
  3. click OK

The above works equally well on text outside the Text box. It is called “Direct formatting” & can be cleared back to the defaults for the Style in effect with Ctrl+M.

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Yes, the character font effects will change color of fonts in a tech box