How to change from two spacebar taps to one after a comma?


I just converted to using LibreOffice, and now after I use a comma I need to tap the spacebar twice for it to create a single space after the comma. I would like to find out how to change the settings to only need one spacebar tap after a comma. This issue doesn’t happen with other punctuation points.

Thank you for your help!

Does the comma appear only after the first tap on the space bar?

What are your OS name, LO version, OS language? Is your document language the same as the OS language?

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What locale are you using?

Do you have an unusual keyboard setup on your computer?

I have seen some setups where the comma key also functions as a “dead key” to add character embellishments such as the cedilla (ş, ç). That “special use” was reached by ctrl-comma or ctrl-shift-comma, I think, but your setup may be different.