How to change JDBC mysql to direct mysql connect in Base

LibreOffice 6.3 could connect MySQL directory. My Old base document connect MySQL database via JDBC driver. So I wanna change JDBC mysql driver to direct connection.
How to change JDBC mysql to direct mysql connect in Base?


Normally you would do this from the menu Edit->Database->Connection Type... and select the connection from the dropdown.

Seems this cannot be accomplished in 6.3.x and can’t say when the problem started.

It appears this is now a bug and you should report on Bugzilla.

Dropped MySQL when the Native connector changed but have on another system (simply for Ask testing) and now it appears you can only change to MySQL(JDBC) from another connector - any connector. So the only method (aside from loading an older LO version) to create a direct connection for MySQL is to create a new Base file. there you can select ODBC, JDBC or Native.

On Ubuntu 18.04, just reloaded LO v6.1.4.2 at random and the dropdown has options for ODBC, JDBC and Native(loaded via extension).


This problem appears to be a known bug, see and also