How to change language of the menu in LibreOffice?

I have set up a French version of Libreoffice on my computer (version I would like to know if it is possible to change the language of the menu to English or Spanish without reinstalling the software.

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‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Language Settings’ > Languages’ : Topmost section, topmost property (‘User interface’).

One thing: I had a time when I often changed settings in that range. Same time I got strange behaviour of Calc with some respect after a while and had to reset my user profile more than once. Maybe my manipulations in the ‘Language Settings’ area had caused the (uncritical) problems. Tell me if you make similar observations, please.

Does not work:
I have Lithuanian installed, and the only two options are “Lithuanian” and " Default - Lithuanian" - no option for choosing english
(My version is (x64), default installation from site)

@JohnyT: As far as I can see the only language you accepted during install was Lithuanian.
If you are on Windows: run the installer .msi a second time and regard the messages and prompts thoroughly. Under the ‘Change’ option You will get offered to install additional languages for the selection as UI-language. They are included with the general UI.

Sorry. That’s nonsense. You can choose the locale independent of th UI. The language of the locale (English (UK) e.g.) may then be accepted as the default for documents in the Default - English (UK) mode, but you can change that. Concerning the Default... mode you can replace it with the explicitly selected same language or with another one of about 200 variants.

i’ve changed the default language 1,000 times already, and you know what? i start typing in spanish and the first letter changes it to english, when i change the documents text to spanish again, it changes to english again when i type again, never have i ever being able to change the default language of an alternative of office or even office itself

Never saw such a behaviour. When did you last try a reset user profile?
However, I’m afraid nobody who not is notified of your posts due to previous conributions to this thread will notice this little discussion. You surely need to post a new question.
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If you are on Arch Linux, you can install language packs using pacman -S libreoffice-still-de, for example. To see all available language packs, run pacman -Ss libreoffice-still-*

sadly, like any other word alternatives the default language is the UI language, so this is just placebo, it honestly does nothing