How to change only menu interface language???

I am Korean, but I prefer the English interface.
However, when using the “auto caption” of a table or figure, the caption name appears as “table” instead of Korean “표”, which causes problems with other workers who work on Korean documents or use the Korean interface.
So, I wonder if there is a way, even though I set the interface language option to Korean, menu are in English.

But AutoCaption settings dialog under Options|Writer allows you to re-define the categories of the captions, allowing you to type into the box… Doesn’t it fit your needs?

Tools>Options, Language Settings>Languages

The first item in section Language of is User interface. Set it to English (USA). Leave all other languages to your locale (or preferred target).

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Read the question. The asker does know how to change the UI language.

That’s exactly what this setting in the Languages section does: change the UI language without interference with document language. All other settings must remain Korean, notably the document language.

But, since captions are “direct insertions”, reverting document/paragraph language to Korean will not change back “Table” to its Korean translation. The captions must be re-inserted after deleting the present English one.

OP’s problem is that changing UI language also changes the default category names of the AutoCaptions. But AFAIK they are user-configurable, aren’t they?

The only way for you is to make your own build.