How to change page acting as 'First page' to 'Default' in Base templates

When creating a Base report through the wizard, the template is split into ‘First page’ and ‘Default’.

In MS Word, there is the option to turn on ‘First page’ (to have different page settings, headers, etc for the first page), or of course turn it off.

However, when editing Base reports, and in Writer, there is not option to turn off First Page.

What am I missing here? Base reports using the Wizard are exceptionally messy due to not custom templates, and this defaulting to ‘First page’.

If what I mean is not clear, let me know.

A request, please don’t answer with a link to the documentation. This info is not there. Thanks.

If the question only concerns Writer, and I understand it right this could be the answer.

  • click into your First Page
  • strike F11 to open the Style Window
  • open Page Styles
  • double click onto Default

This should adjust your First Page to the style of all following pages.