How to change Page Style ONLY on Page Breaks?

I thought the “next style” option of the Page Style would only activate when I entered a Page Break, not on the next page of the document! My Page Style is changing automatically every time I reach my next page, and I’m not entering any Page Breaks!

I want to do the following:

  • Set up a Page Style
  • Set Up the “next style” (since I want another style after a few pages of text)
  • Keep my Page Style from changing when I reach my next page
  • Only change my Page Style when I use a Page Break

This is driving me crazy. Is this the proper behaviour or have I encountered a bug? Am I doing the right procedure to change Page Styles?

Thanks in advance


The “next style” means that the next page of the document will use that style. To have control over it, you have to keep the same style in the “next style” section and, on the page you want to swap styles, insert a manual page break (insert->manual break->page break).