How to change print default margins, headers, horizontal on spreadsheets

How to change print default margins, headers, horizontal on spreadsheets

Dear fellow Libre Office Users, I have Open Office Calc 4.1.11. How do I change the default printing settings for margins, headers, and horizontal centering on spreadsheets? These choices are usually displayed when you select the ‘print view’. You can change them each time, but it would be more efficient to change the default settings.

Thanks, JC

I have Open Office Calc 4.1.11

Very old. Try:

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OpenOffice Support

If it were LibreOffice, you would create a template modified to your liking and then set it as default, Template Manager

I imagine OpenOffice has similar function

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Thanks for your reply. Open Office 4.1.11 is not that old. In fact, 4.1.12 just came out. a few days ago. That has nothing to do with the problem. The problem is with the template. How can I change the template?

Set up a spreadsheet with margins etc as you want but without data.

Save as template (possibly File - Template - Save as template)

Open template manager (possibly File - Template - Manage templates) and set your newly created template as default (possibly right click and select Set as default).

I can’t give you exact menu commands because I have LibreOffice and I am on my phone at the moment. You have a help menu to assist

Dear EarnestAl, thanks for your reply. I will give it a try. JC

EarnestAl 220622 It worked
Thanks EarnestAl, your suggestion worked. I input a new template on 3 of my 4 computers last night. I will do the 4th one tonight. JC

I don’t know why, but the OpenOffice Help website was inaccessible when I started this question. JC