How to change size of donut hole of a donut chart


It is probably super easy, but does somebody have mercy with me and point me in the right directions to edit the central hole (pink arrow in below image) of a donut chart?image description


EXAMPLE FILE: example1.ods

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

@Zizi64, thanks for looking into it! I attached the file to the original post.

This thread helped me discover another option to control the donut hole size. LibreOffice Calc supports multiple concentric donuts. The more donuts there are, the thinner they become. Give the inner donuts zero or null values to make them empty/transparent. Source file: donut.ods

Genious workaround!

A workaround tip: “DoubleDonut” = use a duplicated data range


Thanks @Zizi64


i could not find a way to manipulate the shape of the donut, but i
found, that one could easily “fake” the opening of the area,
by overlaying a round shape over it.

This is how you do it.

  1. Create a Circle Shape like this:

  2. Place it in the in the center of the donut

  3. Change its “area” color to white

  4. That’s it. The Final result should look like this.

Hope that it helps.

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It does! Thanks @igorlius

Looks to me, that you get the same effect by using a regular pie chart and overly the shape or use the “doubledonut” workaround, @Zizi64 suggested.