How to change styles order?

I’m creating a ott template and building custom styles. I wanna change the order they appear in Styles and Formatting window, but I can’t find out how.

I can manually edit styles.xml, but also didn’t work.

There is no way to use a custom sort apart from naming them according to alphabetical sorting rules.

But you might want to set the filter to “Custom styles” so that you don’t see all that other “noise” from the default styles.

Sad… Word 2003 used to move used styles to top of list, but even Word 14 doesn’t do that anymore. I’m gonna try to create a few styles and number them so that they stay on top list, and not give them any new attribute. Anybody knows the simplest syntax to create new styles that extend other ones, so that only name is changed?

there is also a “applied styles” filter option

as to creating styles so that only the name is changed: Just use “new” from the contextmenu when right-clicking on your existing style. If the “Organizer” tab doesn’t list anything in the “contents” area, everything is inherited from the linked style.

tnx a lot cloph I didn’t know that! I tried that and it worked.

doubled, sorry

One last question. I tried to create a copy of Heading 1 style, but it keeps reporting “no numbering + 0” in its contains. In its XML element it has only its display name, parent and family, there’s nothing removing numbering. Do I need to add something to keep its number?

I have my personal trick for handling styles.

I use a prefix for every personalized style I use. That alows me to

a) clearly differentiate an automatic style from a modified automatic style

b) if I choose a prefix such as “AA”, I am sure it will appear on the top of the list of styles in the Styles and Formatting window. For example “AA-Heading1”, “AA-Heading2”, “AA-Body text”, and so on…

c) I allows me move styles from a document to another more easily.

But it require a severe discipline in prefixing all and every modified style.

Thanks! That helped a lot! I just created a prefix AAHik followed by 3 numbers for sorting!