How to change text format when I use a new DOCX document?

When I hit the right click on desktop and hit “new” and “microsoft word document” I see that there is a preformat text and when I change it, it works. But when I close it and open again, it has the same preformat text. How can I change that? Is it a bug? Thanks.

I assume you have MS Word and LO on your PC. If you want a LO Writer document use “New” - “Open Document Text”. You can open it in LO and save it in .docx format.

If you use as you are “New” - “Word Document” and open it in LO you will see at the at the left of the Font drop down “Preformatted Text”. Click here “Clear preformatted text” and save as .docx file.

Oh thanks a lot man. Now I understand why did that happen. When I hit in “Save as” I can see that it’s txt for default. So I think that’s why I had MS Word before LibreOffice, as you told. Thanks again man :slight_smile: