How to change the auto filled chapter title?

I have Version: (x64).
I received a template file with a predefined content and with multiple predefined Chapter, Subchapter styles.
The current situation is the following:
Whenever I create a new Chapter entry, automatically I get autofilled with the templates title (which is “Capitolul”) + an autoincremented number + whatever I type as that chapter name.
What I want to achieve:
I just wanna edit the auto filled chapter name so that whenever I create a new Chapter it will automatically autofill “Chapter” + auto incremented numebr + whatever I type as a title of the chapter.
See capture1 for details.

I have edited the Paragraph Style Name as I wanted, but still, nothing happens. I’ve pressed AutoUpdate, I’ve pressed Update Index, nothing happens, there is nothing I can do. It’s driving me crazy. :smiley:
See capture2 for details.

How in the world do I change that auto filled predefined text from a chapter / subchapter, etc?
Please, any help is much appreciated!

Tools → Chapter numbering → pick the “level 1” in the numbering tab and change the chapter prefix.

I appreciate your time, thank you! Works like a charm.