How to change the default font in Calc for CSV files

My question is how do I get rid of the default Liberation Sans font completely? I want Arial to be my default font 100% of the time.

With respect to Calc, I have created a Calc template that has Arial as the default font and it works fine as long as I am creating new spreadsheets. But, if I choose to use Calc to open a CSV file, Calc goes right back to using Liberation Sans.

So how do I get Calc to open CSV files and use the font I want to use?


this is most probably bug #tdf86336 (I have left a comment in the bug report, that it is still present).

You would think that the font option would be something that the user could fully control, rather than forcing the Liberation Sans font on everyone.

So where is Calc getting its instructions telling it to use Liberation Sans? I have changed every Libreoffice font option I could find but I still come across instances of Liberation Sans rearing its ugly head.