How to change the default font in LibreOffice Base Form Wizard?

Is it possible to change the default font in LibreOffice Base Form Wizard?

I don’t know how to change the default font but this link shows how to change the font of a bunch of controls at once.


Open the form for editing.
Open the Form Navigator.
Select multiple form controls and/or labels by holding down the control key and clicking the items in the Form Navigator.
Right-click a selected item in the Form Navigator and choose Properties.
Select the button to the right of the Font field in the Properties dialog.
Make your font and font effects selections and choose OK.
Save the form and the database.

In doing these edits I did have crashes for reasons I can’t pin down.

Is there no answer for this? Is it impossible? It would be a lot easier to leave controls set to default and then set the default somewhere. I doubt many people will want all their controls using different fonts.

“Default” is not something LibreOffice controls. It’s system default, depending on system settings. So nothing LibreOffice controls, but rather a setting to allow dialogs look native, not using some exotic fonts, making them unprofessional and uncomfortable to everyone except proud author.

Well thanks for making that clearer.

I misread this thread. I didn’t realise it was talking about Base forms as my search was about PDF forms. I think I’ve just about decided PDF Forms are broken in LibreOffice.Its behaviour is very unpredictable. Sometimes it will output everything; sometimes only a single text box. There is no pattern I can see in this.