How to change the file type that the context menu creates on windows?

Hi, I´m running Windows 10 and LibreOffice 5.1, all my file types are set to default Microsoft Office file format (DOCX, XLS, PPT).

So, if I open Libreoffice and click on SAVE, it asks me if I want to save by default in one of those formats.

The question is, when I use the right click button (Windows Context Menu), for example, on the Desktop are, select NEW => Open Office Document, it automatically creates a .ODT file, but I want to change this to .DOCX (the same file formart set as default in the LOAD/SAVE settings under LibreOffice/Tools/Load-Save/General.

I tried messing around with the windows registry, no luck.

The files that are used by the desktop context menu for New are in Program Files/LibreOffice(version)/share/template/shellnew. Note they are document type not template type.

I guess you would need to save in this directory fies for the MS versions (as files not templates). The registry then would need to be modified to point to these files.

This may help you - link text