How to change the font of items in a Mutable Tree Model Uno Service?

Is it possible to change the font of a specific XTreeNode interface of a MutableTreeDataModel?

I am using the Tree Control Basic dialog example from:

And would like to change the font of the last node to red (in this example Greatgrandchild) or at least differentiate it from the others.

image description

I’ve been looking in the Tree module docs at Module tree but can’t figure it out.

Alternatively is it possible to add a hover

Best I was able to come up with was to just add an icon next to the node with NodeGraphicURL

icon = convertToURL("file:///usr/share/icons/gnome/16x16/emblems/emblem-important.png")
oParent.getChildAt(2).getChildAt(1).getChildAt(0).NodeGraphicURL = icon	

image description