How to change the footnote separator direction?

This is a “repeat” of this question, for newer versions of LibreOffice and for more detail.

I’m writing a document in English (while I often write in Hebrew), and am in Normal View. If I insert a footer, it might be LTR (as per the Footnote paragraph style), but the footnote separator is placed on the right side of the page. I tried following the answer at the linked question, but couldn’t find any controls for changing the separator position. How can I do that in LO 6.x or 7.x ?


probably you are looking for:

  • Styles -> Manage Styles -> Icon: Page Styles (4th icon below Styles)
  • Right click on Default Style -> Modify -> Tab: Footnote ( or right click on the page style you are using)
  • Select position in drop down Position

Hope that helps.