how to change the memory options and enable systray from Linux command line

need to change the memory options, enable systray quickstarter and disable java runtime environment…i know the options from GUI…but need to make the changes from CLI…how can I do it…

As i need to apply these changes as standard to all the user profiles…

@gogreen - Does this answer on AskUbuntu help at all? It’s heading in the right direction, anyway. (Unfortunately, this question never got an answer … frustratingly, in light of the comment thread! But is is an old one.) There’s also a Q&A about user settings from command line on Unix.Stackexchange, if that’s any help.

Maybe some help in

Thanks for the link, but I’m looking from Linux point of view…for RHEL.

Hi gogreen,
I am looking for the same requirement, did you got it.

If you got the solution, kindly share.