how to change the name of a table that's linked to a form

My table is just named “version 2” and I want to rename it to something more appropriate but when I do that, the form that is linked to it doesn’t recognize it anymore and doesn’t show all the records I’ve created.

Thank You for the answer. Well written and it worked great. Sorry for my confusion. You can tell I’m new at this. I’ll close this now.


First change the table name - right mouse click on table name then select Rename.

Then the Form. Edit the form. On the Form Control toolbar, select Form Navigator icon. This brings up the form navigator. Right mouse click on the internal form name which contains the table you need to change (default is usually MainForm). Select Properties. On the properties dialog Data tab, Content Type should already be Table; change the Content (dropdown) to the table wanted. Save & test.

This is basic stuff. You should review the LO documentation found here → LibreOffice Base Handbook

Not sure if I am setup correctly but there is not “Rename” option when I right click the table name.

Sorry but because you did not provide information in your question about database being used guessed it may be HSQLDB.

Instead (now guessing it is Firebird embedded) just copy and paste the table giving it its’ new name. Be sure during the paste process Definition and data is selected.

Thanks. I finally realized I can choose HSQLDB when creating a database and the copy paste drag grop and rename all work as anticipated. Thanks for the help.