How to change the on-screen position of the current cell or row?

I have a spreadsheet in which each row correspands to a date. Through conditional formatting the row with the current date gets highlighted. I didn’t find an easy way though to center that row as the first row visible, only showing fixed rows above.

Selecting the whole row and pressing Ctrl+backspace would be a workable solution for me, however it centers the row in the middle of the screen. Is there a way for it to center it as the first row visible? I don’t want to see the data from the prior days, as I have the first row of the document fixed with the category descriptions to be filled in, so these lines in between make it very distracting. I would like it to be the fixed row and then immediately current row when pushing Ctrl+backspace.

Or any alternative way to center it easily at the top.
Thank you very much

If the cursor is at the current date row, you can scroll down (with the mouse wheel), then press Left Arrow o Right Arrow.

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Thank you for your answer. It works perfectly.
To expand, clicking any cell in the row you want in the top row works, then scroll down until the cell or selected row is not visible anymore. Using the left or right keys puts the same row as the selected cell at the top, up or down the row above or below.