How to change the size of the pasted drawing window from AutoCAD?

I’m making a small table and I’m pasting the sketches from AutoCAD into a calc table. The problem is that the window of the pasted sketches is much bigger than then sketch which is preventing me from even putting in the right place in the table because the window would be outside the existing document (outside the screen).
How can I make the window smaller without making the sketch smaller?

What it looks like

Iskaz armature.ods (218.5 KB)

I didn’t export anything. I simply selected the drawing and copied it in AutoCAD them used special paste to paste in into Calc. (There was AutoCAD option)

The problem is that the common format for pasting is bitmap. If I look inside your Calc file there is a png file (bitmaps pasted directly are saved in png format inside LO) and there is an svm file that has a little information in it, the image seems to be a combination because the usual method of right-click and select Crop does not work.

If you want a quick and dirty way of copying and pasting drawings, take a screenshot with PrtScr button. You could paste it in directly, right-click and select crop, drag the blue markers inwards to show just the drawing. It would be better to edit it in a graphics editor, crop it, change mode to indexed colour, save as png and import that into Calc.

You try exporting it as dxf (AutoCad interchange format) from AutoCad and see if it opens OK in Draw. If it does paste from there into Calc. Note that cropping vectors in Draw is not necessarily straightforward.

Exporting as wmf might be another option.

You should look at export options for AutoCad, EXPORT (Command) | AutoCAD | Autodesk Knowledge Network as your first step in finding a format that can be imported into Calc.

I see, it doesn’t use the vector graphic like autocad but raster, though I have no idea where it got the size of the image from. I’ll try your suggestion.

The svm file (drawing in cell B5) is a vector image but you need to open it in Draw, select Shape > Break to remove the outer limits (similar shape to the png so probably the full size of the drawing?). Then with the main elements selected Shape > Group

It might be that simple elements can be pasted as vectors but more complex AutoCad elements can’t be.

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I was wrong, the reason it can’t cropped in Calc is that it is an embedded OLE object, see image. Double-clicking it on my pc tries to call for originating program.

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