how to change theme to white ?

i use manjaro xfce on a dark theme, but i dont want my LO to be dark too. how do i change my LO to white ?
basically i dont want my LO to use my system themes.
anyone have libre office default (white) color schemes ?

You definitely won’t get happy with mixing a dark theme from operating system’s display manager and a bright theme from the application. LibreOffice application uses elements from the operating system (which stick with the chosen theme) and other elements, which are affected by the LibreOffice’s theme.

i guess i will change my sytem theme to white :frowning:


maybe these are of interest

  • Tools > Options … > LibreOffice >
  • Tools > Options … > LibreOffice >

Also maybe this:

Hope it helps.

already tried the first 2 option, it made it worse lol. and the firefox theme doesnt work anymore. i think i will change my system theme to whte ;(

Sorry, LO seems to inherit a lot from the systems gtk themes.
Maybe just go for a compromise “gray-theme” for system and LO.
Good Luck.

It can be done following this guide