How to change TOC Entries page numbers to another format

I have my footnote where I set my Page Numbers to Roman Numeric values (I, II, III, IV, etc). The Table of Contents also uses the Roman Numeric Values as its entries. I wanted the index of the Table of Content to have Arabic Numeric Values(1, 2, 3, 4, etc) rather than the Roman Numeric Values (I, II, III, IV, etc).

In other words, I want the page numbers quoted in the TOC entries in a different format from the Footnote Page numbers.

My OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Please edit your question (and its title) so that we can understand what you’re doing and what you expect. At least mention your OS name and LO version.

Your description seems to point to page number formatting while your title askes for changing TOC contents. This is puzzling.

Regarding page number formatting, describe the target structure of your document, something like: an unnumbered cover page, then discourse with Indo-Arabic page numbers, followed by TOC with Roman page numbers ? Or do you want the page numbers quoted in the TOC entries with a different format ?

Most important: what is your Writer taming level? Are you familiar with its style system?

Hi, can you check my question again? Please tell me if you are unable to understand.

Regarding the style system, I have messed around with it, and able to create a custom style and such now. I have checked out the Styles of the TOC, but I found to be unable to change the Numeric Values of the indexes.

You can’t change page number format in the TOC itself.

Page number format is captured when the heading is scanned and the “index” properties are those of the current page (style).

However, you can fool Writer through a dirty trick.

  • define the format to be used for your TOC in the Page tab of the page style. Set Page numbers: to 1, 2, 3, … in your case.
  • change the rendering of the page number in the footer (I think that in your question I should read “footer” = bottom area of a page instead of “footnote” = small comment for a word identified with a note anchor) by double clicking on the page number field to edit it (or right-click and Edit field)
    choose a different Format, e.g. one of the Roman in your case

You can also cheat from the start when you Insert>Field>More Fields, Document tab to have access to the complete dialog options.

Personally, I don’t recommend doing this because you confuse your readers.