How to clear tab stops ONLY at document level?

Tab stops are part of paragraph settings, and can be set at the “style” level.

I have a document “imported” from Word that I do NOT want to use CTRL+M (“clear direct formatting”) on.

If one uses CTRL+A to select all, then there are mixed paragraph types, and the Tab “tab” disappears from the Format > Paragraph settings.

Question: Is there a way to clear tab stops only from the whole document, in one go, without needing to select individual paragraphs? I can’t work out a way, but I hope someone else can! (There is a related Q&A on AskLibO, but this scenario was not addressed.)

It is not clear, whether you want to remove really all tab stops, or only those, which are set as hard formatting to a paragraph and keep those, which are part of the paragraph style.
If I use Ctrl+A, the tab Tab is not disabled. But it does not remove the tab stop, but it sets the information “No tab stop” in this paragraph. So a paragraph might have no tab stop although the paragraph style has defined one.

The big inconvenient is any manipulation creates settings in the direct formatting layer. With your proposed approach, you can add or remove all tabs (from the tab ruler) and the new configuration will replace what’s defined in the paragraph style, as part of direct formatting.

  • If your goal is to remove all tab stops: Ctrl+A, add a stop in the ruler, remove it. Then there no longer any stops at all in the direct formatting layer.
  • If your goal is to remove extra stops in excess of paragraph styles, the paragraph style must be reapplied. This is the only case, in my knowledge, where a “direct formatting” can be overridden by style. Unfortunately, this means a lot of manual processing through the document, clicking each paragraph and double clicking on the right paragraph style. Maybe some macro guru could automate the process.